Modern Love

Ever since I was young, I have always liked old things. I frequently listen to music from before my time, and I’m curious about history. I’m interested in older houses, older objects, basically anything that shows how far humanity has come, even just in my own lifetime. When modern kids come to my house, they are often fascinated by the rotary phones that I have on display, and I can still remember using ones like them in my youth. My “antique collection” isn’t about monetary value, I just enjoy prolonging the life of older things, and I try to continue actually using them for as long as possible. I have a particular fondness for things from my childhood, so I own an original Nintendo, and over a dozen games, which have been in my family since they were new, and they even still work (except the gun for Duck Hunt!), and I occasionally play.

That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate modern technology (my XBox One dominates my Nintendo!), but I was in no real hurry to trade my stupid old phone for a smart new one, especially as an introvert, who prefers to be “out of touch”. Then my husband recently decided it was time for us to join the modern world, and he bought us new phones, which I hated at first, until I figured out how turn off all of the notifications.

Now that I’ve gotten used to it, I never want to go back to old phone! Although I am still capable of doing things like driving or going to the bathroom without being on it the whole time (I’ve even left my house without it!), during the first few days of owning my new phone, I did walk into a wall in my house while staring at it. However, similar to my old phone, just because you try to contact me, that doesn’t mean I’ll respond (though you’ll probably have better luck with a text rather than a call ;).

"I know when to go out, and when to stay in..."  -David Bowie

“I know when to go out, and when to stay in…”  -David Bowie

I don’t know why my love of old things didn’t really translate to martial arts, because I thought I would prefer the traditional forms, but I traded Karate for something much more modern. For the most part, I also like training with older people (possibly because I am somewhat antique myself), and according to The Professor, Jiu-Jitsu is a “young man’s sport”, so doing BJJ doesn’t make sense on that level, but another thing I sometimes like just as much as “old things” is doing what I’m not really “supposed” to do!