Crazy in Love

Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and we didn’t have our Ethridge class at the dojo (because Coach Amy’s sick), instead I talked my husband into going with me to the beginner no-gi class at Lincoln BJJ, which was a lot of fun! Joe’s only been to a couple of classes at LBJJC with me before, but neither of us train very much without a gi, and I’d never practiced the techniques that Sir Conan had us working on yesterday, so Joe and I were on fairly even ground during class, and we both learned some things.

Joe remarked to Conan that since he has a key to the dojo, he had told me that we could just go there and roll, and I had replied that I’d rather go to class and receive formal instruction, then I told Conan it was really because I think Joe and I need a ref when we roll, but I was only half serious, because we do have control, sometimes I just get emotional when I roll with him! Joe and I actually only trained with each other yesterday (because he’s rehabbing his shoulder), but we didn’t have any problem keeping it playful. During the positional sparring from side control, I performed better against Joe from the bottom than the top (I think that might be because it’s easier to escape in no-gi) but it was pretty sweet that he didn’t submit me yesterday, since he always does in Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class (at least during our untimed final death match).

 if he doesn't make you feel like you want to simultaneously kiss him and punch him in the throat, then he's not the oneOne of the coolest things about Joe coming to LBJJC with me yesterday is that it caused us to talk about Jiu-Jitsu for hours afterward, so it was just about the best Valentine’s gift ever! I’m glad that my husband is so supportive of my BJJ craziness, and is such a good sport about training with me. Yesterday during class he told the guys “I’ll do whatever she wants me to.”, which they all agreed was a great attitude to have towards his wife, especially on Valentine’s Day, but I think I have to call bullshit on that, because what I mostly want him to do when we roll is tap, but he hasn’t done that for years!


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