Blister in the Sun

Do Jiu-Jitsu they said, it's fun they said.Have you ever had a day in Jiu-Jitsu when you were so wiped out after class that when you were changing out of your gi you sat on the floor, because you were so tired, you didn’t want to stand up? Well, that’s exactly what I did after the advanced class at LBJJC on Wednesday! We had five straight seven-minute rolls (with one-minute breaks in between), and I was so spent afterward that I couldn’t even remember much of what happened, it’s just a big blur of sweating and tapping.

We only had five students in the advanced class that night, one more than we did on Monday (and four of us were the same people who were in that class), so I rolled with everyone who was there, but since I was the smallest, The Professor gave me the privilege of letting me choose who I rolled with each time! I know the order (Mike, Henry, Greg, Brian, Jordan) and that most of them submitted me at least once, but what I mainly remember is thinking that I was melting into the mat. It wasn’t even that hot, but I was sweating so much I felt like I was blistering in the sun, and I was afraid there would be nothing left of me but a puddle and a gi!

Keep pale and freckle on.

“Let me go on, like I blister in the sun.” -Violent Femmes

The things I do remember are rather random. I remember attempting the smash pass that we’ve been practicing (folding pass?) on Tumbleweed Mike and Professor Greg, and not getting it on either one (but being commended for the effort by both!), and I remember Greg telling me I should always stand to open a guard. I remember Young Henry saying that he was old during our roll (I’m literally twice his age!), and I remember letting Headgear Jordan know that he would never get the americana on me if he didn’t move his arm from around my head. I remember seeing the bruise on Sweeney Brian’s hand from where his thumb got trapped when we rolled on Monday, and I remember him telling me he felt really bad that I had started bleeding during that same roll, even though it wasn’t his fault at all (it was due to mat burn from Throwing Sunday). Since he’s a barber who wields a straight razor, I wouldn’t think he’d mind a little blood! ;)

The advanced classes might have been small, but we still got some big training in, and I definitely gained some sweat equity! Although I can’t remember much of what happened during my rolls, I know that every minute I spend on the mat helps me to improve, which may not always be obvious to my brain memory, but my muscle memory knows better. When I first started training at Lincoln BJJ, Professor Greg told me that you learn the most when you’re exhausted during rolling, and if that’s the case, I must’ve learned a lot this week!

2 comments on “Blister in the Sun

    • Lol! That’s also one of the reasons I don’t like training Judo, because when I get tired from a lot of randori, I don’t want to keeping getting back up after being thrown. It’s like “Can’t I just stay down on the floor? I like it here.” ;)

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