Devil Inside

Since yesterday was the first Sunday in October, it was Throwing Sunday in Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class, and Coach Amy had us practice throwing directly into armbars, which was appropriate for kicking off Halloween month, because it was scary! At least it was for me, but not so much for Joe, he actually called it “Throwing Funday” (maybe because he enjoys tormenting me ;). I don’t know if I’m ever going to get over my fear of being thrown, but I was definitely getting more used to it, and then Amy had to add in transitioning to a submission during the process, to increase the fear factor! Thankfully my husband has good control, so it wasn’t as frightening as I was anticipating, but I did end up screaming one time (when I was expecting him to just do a fit-in, but he threw me instead), and Amy said the look of terror on my face was comical, so I told her that I’m not afraid of spiders and snakes, or anything like that, but being thrown could really hurt me! At least that’s what the little devil inside my head keeps telling me.

gingerbread-armbarWhen Amy told us we were going to throw into armbars, I said “Oh, it’s Ronda Rousey class!”, but I only wish I could be a tenth as good at throwing as she is (because I’m not willing to actually go to any Judo classes ;). Yesterday we mainly practiced ippon seoi nage to juji gatame, which seems like a fairly basic combination, but basics done well can be devastating, especially against people without much experience in stand-up (like many of those I’ve gone up against in BJJ tournaments). Amy talked about how awesome it would be if I was able to go into a Jiu-Jitsu match and immediately throw into a sub, and I replied that it’s difficult when most everyone tries to jump guard on me right away (so I usually just try to jump first, but I have gotten throws in the past, and it was amazing!).

Amy was going to have Joe and I skip our ‘”final death match” yesterday, because we ran short on time, but the guys who were waiting for the Aikijujitsu class told us that they didn’t mind if we went into overtime (I think they actually enjoy watching us roll!). I hoped Amy would be proud of me, because instead of just trying to jump guard on Joe, I went for a double leg takedown (I didn’t get it, I got sprawled on), but I should’ve known better, because she wasn’t happy that I didn’t attempt a throw, or any of the things we had worked on, and to make it even worse, Joe did end up submitting me with juji gatame, but at least he didn’t throw me into it!

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